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White Birch Inn of North Conway
(603) 730-5267
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We welcome all well-behaved pups and their people to the White Birch Inn. Our dog-friendly room is located on the first floor. Effective 10/1/2020, all pet guests must obtain approval prior to booking or confirming a reservation. Please call the inn directly at (603) 730-5267 for additional information. 

What makes our Inn the best choice for you and your pup are the unique, pet-friendly amenities we offer. When you check in with your pup, we’ll provide a blanket, treats, dog bowls, and information on the dog-friendly areas and attractions in the Valley.

If you plan to bring your pup, you must notify us at the time you make your reservation. When making your reservations, please let us know about your pet - type, size, name and any other special things we should know.

We have a supply of treats in the kitchen and we’d love to take a photo of your pup for our albums!

We ask that you follow Guinness’s Guidelines while visiting with your pet(s) to ensure that all guests, pets included, have a wonderful experience.  Our guidelines reflect our respect for your pet as well as for the non-pet owners who stay with us.

Guinness's Guidelines for His Fellow Pups

Cold nose, warm heart. Make sure your people can verify that all your shots and vaccines are up to date.

Be good or be gone! You must be housebroken and have a friendly manner. My people reserve the right to ask that noisy, messy or misbehaving pets (and their owners) be removed from the premises without notice or refund.

Home Alone. It can be scary to stay in a new place, especially if your people leave you alone for a short period of time to go to dinner. Don’t worry, my people will have their cell phone number in case you need them. But remember, no barking!

If your people need to leave you behind for a longer period of time, my people will give them phone numbers for pet sitters. My friends at Pet Rendezvous are pretty cool. They offer boarding, grooming, doggie daycare, pet sitting and walking services.

Poop Happens. Please make sure your people pick up after you. My yard at the inn has an outdoor grassy area and trash receptacle available. If you have an accident in your room, please tell my people right away.

Sleeping Arrangements. I don’t sleep on the bed and will be jealous if you do. If you must, my people will provide you with a sheet to cover the bed linens. Feel free to bring your favorite blanket or bed.

General Guidelines. If I licked it, it’s mine. If it fell on the floor, it’s mine. If it smells like bacon, definitely mine. If it’s broken, the cats did it.

Additional Policies

A per night fee of $30 will be assessed to guests traveling with pets. The fee covers the expenses associated with the extra special attention we pay to cleaning and maintaining your room so that it stays fresh for both pets and owners.

A $200 deposit is taken at the time of check in and will be refunded upon check out.

Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet; and indemnify and hold harmless the inn; its owners and its operator from all liability and damage suffered as a result of the guest’s pet. The inn reserves the right to charge guest’s account commensurate to the cost of such damages.

White Birch Inn of North Conway  |  54 Kearsarge Rd, P.O. Box 2717, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860  |  (603) 730-5267  |

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